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The RBC is a unified group of like minded business members that have the economics of Rockwood in mind.  The goal is to come together, share ideas, create synergy and promote Rockwood as a whole community, benefiting all!

The RBC is currently undergoing Strategic Planning for 2015 and we’d love to hear from you.  What are your needs?  What are you looking for in a Business Association?  Contact Us: Email: info@rockwoodbusinesscoalition.com

Political & Social Issues

The Rockwood Community is enriched by a multitude of cultures and as such, has a diversity of social needs.  Socio-economic impacts can affect the business climate in any community; Rockwood has a unique challenge in the regard.  We believe that as we work on our economic strength, we can also support efforts that make our community a better place to live, work and shop.  Our patrons and those living in our community are very important to the vitality of our businesses.  It is the RBC’s commitment to support and help direct resources as wisely as possible to ensure the health and sustainability of our richly diversified culture!

Rockwood Community:

Rockwood is the home to over 700 businesses within the boundaries listed in the map.  Rockwood is generally considered going east from 162nd to 202nd (Birdsdale) and bordered on the South by Division and the North by the Portland boundary.


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The Coalition History:

The Rockwood Business Coalition began as part of the Rockwood Weed and Seed Neighborhood Restoration efforts. Improving the image of the Rockwood business community was a key strategy for reinvigorating and redeveloping the larger Rockwood neighborhood.

As this group has grown, with businesses taking an interest in making it an effective tool for sustainability, and as the Weed and Seed Program came to a close, local businesses took this effort to the next stage and the RBC was came under the Umbrella of the Police Activities League.

The Rockwood Business Coalition developed BYLAWS and voted in a board to continue pursuing the growth of an independent organization that supported businesses and building our local economy.

The Coalition Now:

In November of 2011, it was decided by the then current board to stop and take a look at the Coalition and the direction it was taking.  The board took on some advisors from local businesses and developed a strategic analysis about the current situation.  It was identified that a greater effort was needed to focus and promote businesses.

In March 2012, a meeting was held and a new board was created.  The new board (see meet the board) consisted of local business owners and operators that were excited to take the coalition in a new direction.  After a brief hiatus the general membership meetings began again in June 2012.  August 2012 was the launching of our new branding created by this new board.  Each member of the board is excited to see the opportunities abound in the community for growing this association.

The Rockwood Business Coalition is a non-profit under the Umbrella of  Human Solutions as the fiscal agent.

Rockwood Business Coalition Membership:

If you own or are part of a business in Rockwood, then you are well aware of the challenges unique to operating a business in this community.  As a Rockwood business, your business may have faced or is currently facing issues of economic downturn, crime, graffiti, and so much more.  Join the RBC in identifying specific customer service opportunities relating to diversifying your outreach to meet your customers ever changing needs.

Questions regarding RBC Membership?

Email: info@rockwoodbusinesscoalition.com